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 Originally considered a mill town, the Scottdale community was formed upon the construction of a cotton

 mill in 1900, which was then owned by the Scott’s Investment Company.  In more recent history,

 Scottdale has been experiencing an increase in development that has occurred because of it’s sought after

 location and many amenities. Private development along with a county "Revitalization Plan" will help turn

 Scottdale into Atlanta's next success story.


 Scottdale is conveniently located just inside Hwy 285 only minutes from two other major Atlanta

 thoroughfares, Hwy 20 and Hwy 85, which provide easy access to all parts of Atlanta. Scottdale is only

 minutes to downtown Decatur, The CDC and Emory University.


 Scottdale boasts the following amenities....


     Hamilton Mill Recreation Center

 This facility has been updated to meet current building codes. It currently houses a day care facility, a

 basket ball court and multiple classrooms. In addition there is a recently updated baseball facility that is

 also managed by the facility.  

     Tobie Grant Recreation Center    

 This older facility is in the process of being upgraded by the County. The proposed site plan anticipated

 demolition of the current recreation facility, library, pool, and pool house. The site where these facilities

 currently exist provided the best area for the construction of a new recreation center and leisure pool. The

 building footprint was approximately 40,000 square foot and was modeled after the East Lake YMCA in

 Atlanta and the Mountain Park Aquatic Center in Gwinnett County.


 The proposed 40,000 square foot recreation building was near a relatively flat portion of the site that was

 used as a baseball field and would also include parking. The proposed 8,000 square foot leisure pool with

 a 12,500 square foot deck would be built in approximately the same location as the existing pool.


 Locating the pool adjacent to the structure would allow the bathroom and shower facilities required for the

 pool area to be shared with the recreation center. In addition to the building and the pool, the site plan

 illustrated 170 parking spaces and a proposed playground that would contain new age-appropriate



 The site plan maintained the existing bridge and trail system, one pavilion and the ball field at the southeast

 corner of the site. The footprint would support the following program elements: Lobby area, reception

 desk, administration area, vending area, gymnasium, dance room, indoor track, weight room/cardio area,

 aerobics room, child activity area, assroom, meeting room, community room, locker rooms, and a public


The Path

 "The Path" runs through Scottdale. This network of off - road trails in and around Atlanta is designed for

 walkers, runners, cyclists and skaters. It is a series of scenic greenways designed to preserve our region's

 forested character. The Path runs from Stone Mountain Park, through Scottdale, then Atlanta and on to

 the Alabama border.

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